After school club

We offer 3 different lengths of session depending on what best suits the students and parents at your school. 1 hour, 90 minutes, and 2 hour sessions.

All of our sessions aim to ensure a well-balanced structure that includes a mix of skill development, fun activities, and opportunities for team building.

Here’s an example structure for the 2 hour after school club:

1. **Welcome and Warm-Up (15 minutes):**

– Begin with a warm welcome and introduction to the session.

– Lead the participants in a light warm-up routine to prepare their bodies for the activities ahead.

2. **Skill Development Sessions (30 minutes):**

– Break down the session into skill development stations focusing on different aspects of the game. This can include passing, catching, ball handling, and basic rugby techniques.

– Rotate the participants through the stations, allowing them to practice and develop a range of skills.

3. Break for snacks and hydration and some freeform training. (Usually kids like to practice kicking at this age) (15 minutes)

4. **Game Play and Activities (30 minutes):**

– Organize fun and engaging games that incorporate the skills they have been practicing. This could include modified versions of tag rugby, small-sided games, or other rugby-related activities.

– Focus on creating a positive and enjoyable atmosphere where the participants can apply their skills in a game-like setting.

5. **Cool Down and Hydration (10 minutes):**

– Lead the participants through a cool-down routine to help their bodies recover.

– Encourage hydration and provide a brief talk about the importance of staying hydrated during physical activities.

6. **Team Talk and Recap (10 minutes):**

– Gather the participants for a brief talk to recap the session and highlight the progress they’ve made.

– Use this time to offer words of encouragement, highlight teamwork, and reinforce the values of respect and sportsmanship.

7. **Closing and Dismissal (10 minutes):**

– Thank the participants for their effort and participation.

– Provide any additional information about upcoming sessions, events, or opportunities for further involvement in rugby.

This structure allows for a well-rounded and engaging experience that combines skill development, game play, and team building elements. It also provides a safe and inclusive environment for children to learn and enjoy the sport of rugby.